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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison's Childhood

Thomas Edison's Childhood
Accompishments/Achievments made by Thomas Edison
The Importance Thomas Edison has made on American History
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On February 11, 1847 a boy was born to Samuel Ogden Edison Jr. and the former Nancy Matthews Elliott. He was the seventh child born into a middle-class family. Thomas spent his early childhood years exploring the town, the woods surrounding the area and watching boats on the Milan Canal .Thomas had a mental illness we would now consider ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Thomas’s mind would often get away from him his teacher was once heard calling young Edison “addled”. After spending three months in a noisy class room with 38 kids of all ages Thomas’s teacher finally lost his patience with young Thomas’s constant questioning. This ended Thomas’s formal schooling. His mother, Nancy, who used to teach in Canada, happily took the job of teaching her son Thomas. His mother was very encouraging and taught him to try new things. Thomas later said “My mother was the making of me... She was always so true and sure of me... And always made me feel I had someone to live for and must not disappoint.” Thomas’s father encouraged Thomas to read by giving young Tom ten cents every time he finished reading a book. It wasn’t long after this that Tom developed a deep interest in history and English literature. Thomas’s love for Shakespeare inspired the young boy to start acting, but due to his high voice and shyness that didn’t last long. It wasn’t long before Tom’s parents could no longer aid him in his learning. Tom would ask his parents about physics and they couldn’t respond because they had already taught him all they knew.   


- Picture of Young Thomas Edison


- Picture of Thomas Edison's childhood home

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