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Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison's Childhood
Accompishments/Achievments made by Thomas Edison
The Importance Thomas Edison has made on American History
A Little About The Site Creator
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Yo, I made this assignment for my American history project, we were to wrrite a 1500 word biography and make a visual aid, ( 3-D timeline, website etc.). I choose to do Oprah at first but I reconsidered. Second i was going to do CHUCK NORRIS but i couldn't think of enough information for him, then I was going to do henry Lawrence but I personally had no idea who he even was. So i wound up choosing Tommy Ed. which is going pretty good. I thought of him because without him we would still be living in the light of candels.


Ok, I'm going to kind of describe myself. I am 15 (almost 16) and im roughly 6 feet tall. I have shortish brown hair blue eyes and i good sense of humor. I like to think the pic to the left is me :-S lol.

American History Assignment